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Client: Shaji Ravi

Location: AnnaNagar, Chennai

Project team: Dhanasekaran, Balashanmugam

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Photo credits: Triple O Pixel

Plot Area: 3200 sft

Built-up Area: 5500 sft

Project timeline: 2018-2019

The residence located in Anna Nagar, Chennai, boasts an impressive 5800 square feet of living space spread out over three levels. The design of the house was crafted with a focus on creating a seamless flow of spaces that seamlessly blend formal and informal areas, open and closed spaces. The family-centered spaces allow for an abundance of natural light to flow into the double-height spaces, creating an illusion of an extension of the lush outdoor landscaping.

The contemporary architecture of the house showcases an elegant interplay of rustic textures, including wood, brass and lime plaster, which come together to create a truly opulent and sophisticated ambience. The use of these materials, combined with the innovative design, makes this residence not just a place to live, but a work of art that showcases the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.

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