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Client: Cholayil Pvt.Ltd

Location: RedHills, Chennai

Project team: Sriram Adhitya, Vamsi Krishna, Niaz Ahmed

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Built-up Area: 3500 sft

Project timeline: in-design

This farmhouse is set amidst a sea of herbal trees i.e. Terminalia Arjuna, which is popular for its medicinal values. The beautiful site spanning 80 acres served as an inspiration and led to a design that was inclusive of the context. Originating from a simple idea of a hammock suspended between trees, the larger concept aims to capture the rhythm of the site. The transitional spaces are designed creating fluid semi-open spaces that can accommodate different activities, eliminating the divide between the exterior and interior. The walls made of rammed earth, utilising site excavated soil as a sustainable solution, that aesthetically blends the form with the surroundings. The master bedroom is less prominently placed on the upper level amongst the canopy of trees, internally providing the effect of a tree-house, while becoming one with nature.

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