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TROPICAL MIST - "In the midst of the skies"

Location: Vellore

Client: GRID Property Developers

Project team: Sriram Adhitya, Vamsi Krishna,Dhanasekaran

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Plot Area: 6,960 sqft

Built-up Area: 8,500 sqft

Project timeline: 2020- 2021

"In the midst of the skies"
Designed with a central court, this 7000 -square-feet residence is a play in open and enclosed volumes with large door and window openings complementing the openness and framing the view towards exterior landscape. The internal zonal articulation is kept simple, with a distinct delineation of common, semi-private and private zones. The central courtyard is strategically created to establish visual linkages and connectivity in all the three dimensions.


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