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Location: Coimbatore

Client: Sushil, Saindhavi

Project team: Ankita, PravinRaj

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Plot Area: 7,260 sqft

Built-up Area: 6,500 sqft

Project timeline: 2021- in progress

Nestled in the heart of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu lies a residence of elegant simplicity. A contemporary tropical abode, its form is a harmonious blend of minimalist design and cultural context. At 6500 square feet, this residence boasts four spacious bedrooms and a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The house is divided into two parts by a large, lush courtyard that serves as the heart and soul of the residence. It is here, amidst the verdant landscape, that the residents gather to relax, socialize, and commune with nature.

The use of minimal tropical materials such as wood and concrete textures imbues the residence with a warm and organic feel. The elegant simplicity of the design is heightened by the visual connection between the interior spaces and the central courtyard, creating a seamless flow of indoor and outdoor living.

The tropical contemporary style is a celebration of the connection between people and their environment. It prioritizes functionality while seamlessly incorporating elements of local culture and context. The result is a harmonious and livable space that is both beautiful and functional.

Experience the beauty of tropical living in this residence, where every inch has been designed to bring you closer to nature and provide a space for you to connect with the world around you. This is a place where the simplicity of form and the richness of experience come together in perfect harmony.

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