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iit-guest house

Client: -

Location: Guindy, Chennai

Project team: Sriram, Gokul

DFAM: Ankita, Sriram Bala

3D Printing: Tvasta

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Photo credits: -

Plot Area: 9500 sft

Built-up Area: 6500 sft

Project timeline: -

Client: IIT Madras

 Nestled within the serene enclave of IIT Madras, this G+1 structure redefines the boundaries of 3D printing innovation. Encompassing 5500 sq. ft., the guest house comprises four luxurious suites, a captivating foyer, and is enveloped by verdant arboreal surroundings. At its core, the project exemplifies the synergy of opposites. While concrete traditionally exudes solidity, our vision metamorphoses it into aplicable fabric, each fold thoughtfully orchestrated to evoke a chain reaction. This sculptural marvel seamlessly emerges from its sylvan backdrop,

embodying harmonious coexistence with nature. Futuristic in essence, the design tantalizes with contrasts, amalgamating futuristic allure with timeless traditions. The Concrete Fabric Guest House stands as a resplendent testament to ingenuity, pushing the horizons of architectural and 3D printing process, while celebrating the graceful dance between innovation and organic.

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