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Location: Port Blair

Client: Eklavya, Urvi

Project team: Gokul, Dhanasekar

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

Plot Area: 8,200 sqft

Built-up Area: 12,500 sqft

Project timeline: 2022- in progress

Located along the high contours of Port Blair in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the mansion "Eklavya”, designed as a home for a 6-member family, is a harmonious blend of simplicity and grandeur. The language of the building is minimal, focusing on basic geometries and materials to create an understated elegance, with an elliptical ramp leading to the entrance as a welcoming gesture.
The ground floor serves as a vintage car showcase, reflecting the owner's passion as an elite luxury car dealer from Bengal. The first floor is comprised of two spacious suite rooms for guests, offering privacy and comfort. The third floor, where the family resides, features a private living area, kitchen, and a circular infinity pool with views of the Bay of Bengal Ocean.
The fourth floor houses the master bedroom and guest room, offering views of the ocean, while the terrace floor features a seamlessly integrated landscape area. The building's linear form and inclined massing blend with the surrounding terrain, creating a structure of form and functionality. The minimal material palette, featuring clean lines and simple elements, gives the mansion a visual touch of serenity. Framed by the stunning beauty of the Bay of Bengal, "Eklavya” thus offers its occupants a life of comfort and luxury

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