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Client: Roca Bathroom Products Pvt.Ltd

Location: Kauvery hills,Hyderabad

Project team: Vamsi Krishna,Pravin , Sivaprakash

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Carpet Area

Project timeline:

The Roca showroom interiors showcase a minimal and attractive color palette, creating a dynamic atmosphere, allowing products to stand out and create focus. The design features interactive displays that engage visitors and create first-hand experiences. With contrasting highlights that add visual depth to the space, the laminates and materials are carefully picked so as to enhance the overall style and function of the showroom.
A special emphasis is drawn on to the concave form attached to the ceiling, created with an array of miniature washbasins, producing an interesting and sleek element of design. Establishing a statement to the space, this parametric form, namely 'Nexus', gives an aesthetic welcome to the customers. The interior lighting is crafted to create a harmonious ambience, with the textures and colours contributing to the cohesiveness of the space.
With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Roca showroom provides an immersive experience creating and building a strong connection between the brand and its customers.

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