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Client: JJ Mills Group

Location: Thirupur

Project team: Rain Design Studio

Structural consultant: Pentalpha

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Plot Area: 48,276 sft

Built-up Area: 1,50,000 sft

Project timeline: 2023-2025

JJ Mills India Pvt. Ltd. is embarking on the development of a new corporate office in Tirupur to accommodate a growing workforce, adhering to global standards and emphasizing sustainability. The design integrates sophistication and advanced technology, anchored in an open-office layout to foster a professional, positive, and dynamic atmosphere. Conceptually, the focus is on modernity and sustainability, creating expansive, well-lit workspaces that are easy to maintain and energy-efficient. The building's design features streamlined forms, contemporary materials, and a facade that seamlessly blends functional pragmatism with aesthetic elegance. This design ethos resonates with JJ Mills' brand identity, embodying professionalism, refinement, and a commitment to sustainable design principles.

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